Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Matt's life - last 6 months in the random notes in no particular order

Matthew, intern from Texas, U.S., spent in Hamburg 6 months. He is one of these people that you do not need to ask for help - always proactive and supportive. With his 'trockener Humor', Matt is a person building good social relationships with everybody. He knows how to enjoy the moment. But check yourself - here are some 'random notes in no particular order' with 'other great memories' from his time spent during AIESEC internship and very useful advices how to survive in Hamburg...

Random notes in no particular order:

-Sunday tradition of Limon (best döner in Hamburg) followed by 70 cent Ice cream (Käse-Sahne being the best flavor, of course)
>in fact, I'll never forget the Hamburg habit (at least with AIESECers) of eating ice cream any time, anywhere, in any weather (thanks to Vicki)

-A German's ability to open a beer with any other object. I'm already famous in Boston for my ability to open a beer bottle with another bottle. I still don't understand why German's never adopted twist-off caps, except that they like to show off.

-Hofbräuhaus Hamburg- as close as one can get to Oktoberfest without actually being there.

-German chocolate- enough said.

-Watching the sun rise while eating a cold fish sandwich at the Fischmarkt (*only tasty after a night on the Reeperbahn …)

-BBQing in the parks when the weather was nice. I know Hamburg's weather is notoriously bad, but we had plenty of opportunities to BBQ.

-Always being assigned "grill master" by default because I'm from Texas. Ok, I am one, but I don't always like to be responsible for the grill.

-Cooking chili for everyone. In fact, all the trainees cooking their national cuisine for everyone else was a really cool experience. The cheese balls and chocolaty stuff from Brazil were especially good (sorry I don't remember the Brazilian names)


-Trying again and again to explain to people (Ginette!) that I don’t dance, no matter how drunk you get me, how much you try to dance with me, how many times you push me on the dance floor, etc. If you want a guy with dance moves, talk to Felix. He has no problem breaking it down on the dance floor.

-Waiting FOREVER (ok, 20 minutes max) for the S-bahn/U-bahn at the end of the night.

Other great memories:

-Muenster Reception Weekend- great town, good people, good fun (aside from the traumatizing spaghetti experience).

-Hamburg Reception Weekend- great sharing the wonderful city of Hamburg with others

-Copenhagen- SO COLD, but seeing the tiny beauty fish made it all worthwhile.

-Day-trip to Lubeck with the trainee family. Good weather, nice town, good beach (for Germany).

The bab.la kicker addiction- admit it, you all have a problem.


-Go chill at the Alster!
-Make use of the Hamburg Stadtrad. Great way to travel around and see the city.
-ALWAYS carry an umbrella (no matter how clear and sunny it is).

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  1. I had some of the same "random" experiences and it was indeed great! Including a VERY COLD fish sandwich...
    I'm also amazed by the beer opening abilities - no opener? No problem, I've got this piece of paper and a straw!!!
    Cheers to all @HH people from Brazil!