Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st September 1939-2009

04.45, September, 1st 1939, Nazi Germans invade Poland, beginning the World War II. Polish children do not go to schools. It was 70 years ago when lasting more then 5 years nightmare has started. Nightmare for all the nations.

04.45, September, 1st 2009, I am sleeping safely in my bed in Hamburg. My name is Natalia, 21, and I am Polish. The anniversary of the war helps me to realise how world has changed during these past years. I am in Germany, enjoying every single day of my AIESEC internship. Together with my Russian friend, we teach each other our native languages. Would I be able to do the same things 70 years ago?

Together with other people living here, we want to break the stereotypes. We do not prejudice. What is significant to me, is the fact, that we do not assess people based on their nationality but personality. In human we find at first other person, not the country they come from. Because of that I might tell that we, as new generation, are able to create better history.

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  1. if we start judging people first by Nationality, it would become so hard for us; the AIESECers. After all, there are like 195 countries. Even being from India, which is so diverse in itself, I still haven't noticed the same diversity anywhere else then AIESEC world.
    As one my friend said: "who would believe, if someone said, a Kenyan, an Indian and a Costa Rican was sitting and having beer in Germany." Prost to all good times.