Tuesday, September 22, 2009


some of you may already know that we had a task-force project in summer in order to bring AIESEC into media. we started with this blog and then I had this idea to make a video regarding the future election in Germnay. this video promotes a message from non German AIESECers -who at the moment are doing their internship here in Hamburg- to Germans in order to give them enough reason to go out and vote, although AIESEC is not a political organizaion(totally non-profit) and it is all about having an impact on the society specially the youth!

actually the idea of taping such a video just came to my mind in the middle of one our task force meetings. it wasn't easy to gather people and also provide them with a flexible schedule, going to university (AIESEC office) directly after work for several days; inspite of all these, after seeing the result and how people support it, now I say it was definitely worth it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Matt's life - last 6 months in the random notes in no particular order

Matthew, intern from Texas, U.S., spent in Hamburg 6 months. He is one of these people that you do not need to ask for help - always proactive and supportive. With his 'trockener Humor', Matt is a person building good social relationships with everybody. He knows how to enjoy the moment. But check yourself - here are some 'random notes in no particular order' with 'other great memories' from his time spent during AIESEC internship and very useful advices how to survive in Hamburg...

Random notes in no particular order:

-Sunday tradition of Limon (best döner in Hamburg) followed by 70 cent Ice cream (Käse-Sahne being the best flavor, of course)
>in fact, I'll never forget the Hamburg habit (at least with AIESECers) of eating ice cream any time, anywhere, in any weather (thanks to Vicki)

-A German's ability to open a beer with any other object. I'm already famous in Boston for my ability to open a beer bottle with another bottle. I still don't understand why German's never adopted twist-off caps, except that they like to show off.

-Hofbräuhaus Hamburg- as close as one can get to Oktoberfest without actually being there.

-German chocolate- enough said.

-Watching the sun rise while eating a cold fish sandwich at the Fischmarkt (*only tasty after a night on the Reeperbahn …)

-BBQing in the parks when the weather was nice. I know Hamburg's weather is notoriously bad, but we had plenty of opportunities to BBQ.

-Always being assigned "grill master" by default because I'm from Texas. Ok, I am one, but I don't always like to be responsible for the grill.

-Cooking chili for everyone. In fact, all the trainees cooking their national cuisine for everyone else was a really cool experience. The cheese balls and chocolaty stuff from Brazil were especially good (sorry I don't remember the Brazilian names)


-Trying again and again to explain to people (Ginette!) that I don’t dance, no matter how drunk you get me, how much you try to dance with me, how many times you push me on the dance floor, etc. If you want a guy with dance moves, talk to Felix. He has no problem breaking it down on the dance floor.

-Waiting FOREVER (ok, 20 minutes max) for the S-bahn/U-bahn at the end of the night.

Other great memories:

-Muenster Reception Weekend- great town, good people, good fun (aside from the traumatizing spaghetti experience).

-Hamburg Reception Weekend- great sharing the wonderful city of Hamburg with others

-Copenhagen- SO COLD, but seeing the tiny beauty fish made it all worthwhile.

-Day-trip to Lubeck with the trainee family. Good weather, nice town, good beach (for Germany).

The bab.la kicker addiction- admit it, you all have a problem.


-Go chill at the Alster!
-Make use of the Hamburg Stadtrad. Great way to travel around and see the city.
-ALWAYS carry an umbrella (no matter how clear and sunny it is).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1st September 1939-2009

04.45, September, 1st 1939, Nazi Germans invade Poland, beginning the World War II. Polish children do not go to schools. It was 70 years ago when lasting more then 5 years nightmare has started. Nightmare for all the nations.

04.45, September, 1st 2009, I am sleeping safely in my bed in Hamburg. My name is Natalia, 21, and I am Polish. The anniversary of the war helps me to realise how world has changed during these past years. I am in Germany, enjoying every single day of my AIESEC internship. Together with my Russian friend, we teach each other our native languages. Would I be able to do the same things 70 years ago?

Together with other people living here, we want to break the stereotypes. We do not prejudice. What is significant to me, is the fact, that we do not assess people based on their nationality but personality. In human we find at first other person, not the country they come from. Because of that I might tell that we, as new generation, are able to create better history.

Monday, August 31, 2009

experience in Hamburg

Working abroad is never the same; everyone’s experience is different and very personal. The outcome depends on the place and people around you, but mostly it depends on YOU. Everyone who decides to live and work abroad for some time, should be ready to abandon the old ways of looking and seeing things for some time. To get the maximum out of the experience, it’s no good to only go and show your way of living, it’s useful for everybody to also try to understand the way and reasons behind the behavior of others. For me, its being in Hamburg and learning the North- German culture.

Hi! I am Vivek, a guy (23) from India, working in Germanischer Llyod. My last living abroad experience was another 6-months AIESEC internship in the capital city of Ghana – in Accra. I was doing my marketing internship in a Media company and in the end was basically responsible for everything that happened to our brand new and old products. That’s Africa, where responsibilities are given by what you can do and not by designing a job description for you. Awesome experience!
Completed my term, went back to India and I was about to complete my Masters. The big question popped up, what next? I was young and in no way wanted to take up a serious job. There is much life after 30+ to do that. I knew one thing for sure; I wanted to see the world and make someone else pay for it. 2nd internship in Europe, why not? Add to that a totally unknown working environment. So that I could test my academic knowledge and challenge myself daily.
Due to AIESEC, now I am living and working in a culture so different from mine, I constantly had to challenge my ability to adapt, understand and accept. It was making me see new sides of myself, my home country and the whole world around me. Also a chance to meet people from around the world., Matt: guy from US, keeps life simple without any confusion (just left Hamburg), Alberto: great Guy from Costa Rica, Bab.la people, Letti: Girl from Italy, amazingly ability to keep balance between work and life, perfect in both, Ayumi: Girl from Japan, full of desire of enjoy life, Nathan: full of humour, Ercu: Guy from Istanbul, talented with music, Evans: nice IT guy from Kenya and many more. Each different but when all these come together, real meaning is given to words, “Party and unforgettable memories for a life time”.
Coming back to me, I believe I am still the same person who I was, I have the same values and many dreams and I still love humor, but I also know that now I have in many ways more experience. Some of my dreams have come true and some of them have grown bigger. I don’t only understand what I have read about the world, but also what I have seen in the world. I have many new friends, many great memories and lots of cool stories to tell. In a way the world has become smaller and I can see more connections between people and things. I have tested myself and my limits. I have become to appreciate and accept myself and others more than I did before.
I warmly recommend this kind of experience to everybody who is ambitious, adventurous and willing to challenge oneself and discover the world. No matter how much working experience You have, how many self development seminars You have attended or how much You have read about different countries, living and working in a totally different environment makes You discover and use even more new abilities in Yourself; it makes You understand and develop even bigger picture; it makes You appreciate what You already have and accept some more things just the way they are.
Sincerely yours,

Monday, August 17, 2009

AIESEC Hamburg Reception Weekend - 14-16/08/09

We are starting this blog, managed by AIESECers from Hamburg – both local members and interns. Why? Because we want to share with all these wonderful experience we are part of every day in one of the largest ports in the world.

Let me go back to the beginning of this weekend. Living “Thanks God Is Friday” idea, people from all over Germany come to Hamburg for Reception Weekend. Around 50 participants from almost 20 diverse countries meet in one place to discover the beauty of the city situated on the river Elbe.

Official Opening takes place in Stadpark – where all of us get to know each other. We start with barbeque, one of the most enjoyable ways of spending leisure afternoons here. Delicious food, multicultural environment and perfect summer weather, strongly contibutes to great atmosphere during the whole “Hamburg experience” time. We could see that during first night in Sternschanze, where we went afterwards.

Saturday is our time for exploring the city. However, we say “no!” to typical guide tours! There are 5 stations in different part of Hamburg where participants go themselves, bravely doing the team tasks. Inhabitants probably have not seen such a long line made from whatever in Elbtunnel before! Even farewell of Queen Mary II, seen from artificial beach by all of us, was not that splendid. What is more, these people are eager to welcome the new day in Fischmarkt early in the morning and go canoeing afterwards.

For many of us it was the first time when we have met. Some people already know each other. It is said you see other person minimum twice in your life and we strongly wish to see you soon again!

Thank you our brave Organising Committee – Paulina, Mario and Oli, as well as AIESEC Hamburg members supporting them during the whole time, for making this weekend amazing experience!