Tuesday, September 22, 2009


some of you may already know that we had a task-force project in summer in order to bring AIESEC into media. we started with this blog and then I had this idea to make a video regarding the future election in Germnay. this video promotes a message from non German AIESECers -who at the moment are doing their internship here in Hamburg- to Germans in order to give them enough reason to go out and vote, although AIESEC is not a political organizaion(totally non-profit) and it is all about having an impact on the society specially the youth!

actually the idea of taping such a video just came to my mind in the middle of one our task force meetings. it wasn't easy to gather people and also provide them with a flexible schedule, going to university (AIESEC office) directly after work for several days; inspite of all these, after seeing the result and how people support it, now I say it was definitely worth it.

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