Monday, August 17, 2009

AIESEC Hamburg Reception Weekend - 14-16/08/09

We are starting this blog, managed by AIESECers from Hamburg – both local members and interns. Why? Because we want to share with all these wonderful experience we are part of every day in one of the largest ports in the world.

Let me go back to the beginning of this weekend. Living “Thanks God Is Friday” idea, people from all over Germany come to Hamburg for Reception Weekend. Around 50 participants from almost 20 diverse countries meet in one place to discover the beauty of the city situated on the river Elbe.

Official Opening takes place in Stadpark – where all of us get to know each other. We start with barbeque, one of the most enjoyable ways of spending leisure afternoons here. Delicious food, multicultural environment and perfect summer weather, strongly contibutes to great atmosphere during the whole “Hamburg experience” time. We could see that during first night in Sternschanze, where we went afterwards.

Saturday is our time for exploring the city. However, we say “no!” to typical guide tours! There are 5 stations in different part of Hamburg where participants go themselves, bravely doing the team tasks. Inhabitants probably have not seen such a long line made from whatever in Elbtunnel before! Even farewell of Queen Mary II, seen from artificial beach by all of us, was not that splendid. What is more, these people are eager to welcome the new day in Fischmarkt early in the morning and go canoeing afterwards.

For many of us it was the first time when we have met. Some people already know each other. It is said you see other person minimum twice in your life and we strongly wish to see you soon again!

Thank you our brave Organising Committee – Paulina, Mario and Oli, as well as AIESEC Hamburg members supporting them during the whole time, for making this weekend amazing experience!

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